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Healing children

From Aug. 12-15, 2004, I served as a teaching assistant at a CranioSacral Pediatrics Workshop outside Boston. On the third day, the three dozen students paired off, each team treating one child in the morning and one child in the afternoon. On the fourth day, while being observed by the students each of the five […]

Different pathways to good health

In May I took a three-day Orthomassage workshop taught by James Waslaski. In June, I served as a teaching assistant for a CranioSacral Therapy II workshop offered by the Upledger Institute. The former focuses on the prevention and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal dysfunctions, chronic pain and sports injuries. The latter uses a soft touch to facilitate […]

Give yourself something to look forward to

It was a hectic nine days. On April 23, I attended a concert at Carnegie Hall in which a friend sang with a choral group behind the New York Pops Orchestra. April 24 brought a second consecutive late night, my 30th high school reunion. Five hours of standing and talking with former classmates — what […]

Spring ahead

The sun is lingering longer in the evening, the rays are imparting a bit more warmth, and the dawns are earlier and bursting with brightness. Yes, nature is building toward a bounteous spring, and one’s energy quickens at the thought. If, like me, you spent January and February buffeted by the cold and burdened by […]

Looking back, looking ahead

As I pore through my Heartful Touch records in preparation for filing my 2003 income tax forms, I look over the name of each client and express anew my gratitude for the opportunities that my clients continue to bring me. Whether they seek relaxation or cessation from pain, whether they respond to Swedish massage or […]

In praise of walking

For 24 years, until arthroscopic knee surgery and persistently painful iliotibial bands led me to give it up, I sped through life as a long-distance runner. Now, as one who enjoys a slower pace, I savor the time I spend walking. It can be as short as the jaunt uptown to church or the bank; […]

Seek out serenity

I love stay-at-home August vacations. When it seems that much of Montclair has taken to the roads or is down the shore, I walk uptown to the bank on Saturday or to church on Sunday and drink in the quiet of the sun-dappled, tree-lined suburban streets. While I know that cars and pedestrians and noise […]

Taking those first steps to health

Massage, like many other healing modalities, promotes overall good health rather than cures any specific symptom in a single session. Utilized as part of a healthful regime that includes proper nutrition and exercise, massage can propel the seemingly imperceptible healing process forward. According to “Healing Journey” in the “True Health” newsletter published by the Association […]