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One of the perks of being a touch therapist is the ability to connect with longtime friends in different, deeper ways. And so it was with two people from my childhood. Ariel*, who also lives in Montclair, has been coming to me for massage and CranioSacral Therapy once or twice a year since I began […]

Ever changing, always the same

The beauty and challenge of The Heartful Touch, and the satisfaction to be gained therein, is to tailor a session that meets an individual’s needs and then switch gears for the next client to fashion a session with a different intention, a different mood, a different touch. This was underlined on a recent weekend that […]

Sometimes I’m too hard on myself

The thought arose again as I was taking James Waslaski’s five-day Orthomassage Intensive in Portsmouth, N.H. I wrote about Waslaski’s work in my November/December 2004 newsletter, how it had taken my massage sessions in a galvanic new direction with pinpoint attention to hamstrings and calf and quad and glute and shoulder muscles. The five-day intensive […]

Setting goals for 2006

Working a full-time job as a newspaper copy editor forces me to choose my vacation days for the coming year in December so as not to conflict with others in my department. That, in turn, compels me to choose any massage-related workshops months in advance. And so, from Feb. 8-12, I plan on attending a […]

Zephyr and My Father

In the morning, after we’ve cleaned her cage, after she’s had her out-of-cage time and her bath, after she’s gorged herself on cheese and seeds and veggies and has settled back in her sunny room for the day, our Congo African Grey parrot Zephyr begins her morning serenade. Sometimes it’s the staccato rings of the […]

Farewell to 2005

Letting go, moving on, reaching out: In a time of war and terror, high prices and natural disasters, these are mantras to live by, this year and always. As I write this, the last 12 months have been bookended by significant events — the death of my aunt and godmother, Laurene Petruff, age 81, on […]

Working with a personal trainer

I never did run the 2005 Clifton High School Alumni Track Meet. But I have started working with a personal trainer. In the May-June Heartful Touch newsletter, I announced that I had started running a few days a week in order to compete in a 1,500-meter race at Clifton Stadium. Trouble was, a month into […]

The performance of massage

Last summer, while driving to Boston to serve as a teaching assistant for an Upledger CranioSacral Pediatrics workshop, I popped into my car CD player the new-to-me 1996 release “Betty Buckley at Carnegie Hall.” I am a fan of Buckley’s fervent singing, and though I had missed seeing her introduce Andrew Lloyd Webber’s “Memories” in […]

Springtime reawakening

After almost 11 years away from the sport, I’ve begun running again. I stopped in September 1994 when torn cartilage in my left knee cut short my training for a marathon. Facing arthroscopic knee surgery for the second time — I had had the right knee arthroscoped in 1987 — and not wanting to risk […]

Coming out of hibernation

For the second year in a row, I’ve neglected my exercise routine in January and February. Hibernated is more like it. The frigid temperatures outside kept me from power-walking, and the cold corridor inside from the YMCA locker room to the swimming pool kept me from back-stroking. At any rate, those are the reasons I […]