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“I consider the bodywork that you do on me to be part of the huge forward transformation that I’ve gone through these last 3 years.”

C.M., Middletown

“Hey Dennis… I’ve been reflecting on my (CranioSacral Therapy) visit with you yesterday. It really was … well, amazing to me. … It felt rather cosmic. … I felt waves of pleasurable energy rippling through my entire body. It just felt electric. … And then there were the times that my body just involuntarily contracted and held firm pulsing with energy. … I’m still not sure what to make of it, but I’ll take it for what it is and not try to overthink it. So, thank you for your compassionate care.”

L.C., Manasquan

“You were absolutely amazing, by far the best massage I’ve ever had. I will definitely be coming back to you more often.”

Anthony, Toms River

“Dennis is truly gifted. Not only does he relax my body, but he also relaxes my mind and spirit. I often arrive for a session in a horrible mood or so pent up with stress that I can barely function.

He has a way of helping me ‘Zen out’ and focus on what’s important. We discuss everything from physical ailments to nutrition to state of mind. And the time passes so quickly, it’s hard to believe I’ve been relaxed for two hours.”

Karen Harris, Westbrookville, N.Y.

“Dennis Sprick helped me with back and feet problems using specifically tailored exercises as well as massage. I am continuing my CranioSacral and massage therapy because they leave me completely relaxed and renewed.”

Steve M. White, North Caldwell, N.J.

“In two years of receiving massage from Dennis Sprick, a session with The Heartful Touch continues to be one of the more pleasant aspects of my life. I have every trust that I am in capable and caring hands at every massage; there is little else more relaxing.”

Marlene Wiedenbaum, Highland, N.Y.

“The massage went far beyond my expectations. FANTASTIC! … The most wonderful relaxed feeling I have ever had from a masseur. Dennis is truly gifted.”

Noah A., Clifton, N.J.